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The Love a Break Refunds Policy

  1. To give you the utmost confidence in the Love a Break buying experience, we follow the following policy (Refunds Policy), which applies subject to any applicable laws that require a different outcome:

  2. In this Refunds Policy, if you have purchased a Voucher from us, and have contacted the Vendor to arrange supply of the relevant Goods and Services from the Vendor (which the Vendor will notify to us), you will be described as having “made a booking”.

  3. On your request made within 30 days of the date of purchase of the Voucher, and before the expiry of the Voucher, we will refund to you the price you have paid for a Voucher where you have not yet made a booking and any of the following circumstances apply:

    • You were unable to make a booking because the Vendor ceased doing business, went bankrupt or into liquidation, of any similar reason.

    • There was a non-trivial mismatch between the description of the Goods and Services as stated on the Website and the Goods and Services actually being supplied by the Vendor, and you do not wish to receive a different Voucher in exchange.

4. Where you change your mind after buying a Voucher but before making a booking, we will offer you an exchange for a different Voucher of equivalent or higher value. If you choose another Voucher of higher value, you will pay the difference in price.

    5. Requests for refunds or exchanges should be made by you by sending us an email to with the word “URGENT” in the header

      6. If, after purchasing a Voucher from us you make a booking with the relevant Vendor, you are requested to first negotiate with the Vendor for a refund or exchange before contacting us, but in any event our refund and exchange obligations will be limited as follows:

          • If the relevant Goods and Services were unsatisfactory because of poor quality, or because there was a mismatch between the Goods and Services and the description on our Website, we can provide you with another Voucher of equivalent value for equivalent goods or services.

          • We can contact the Vendor on your behalf to request a refund by the Vendor or the supply of different goods or services of equivalent value

        7. You agree that the limitation on liability imposed by clause 4 is reasonable because we are the agent of the Vendor only for the advertisement and sale of the Voucher, and not for the supply of the underlying Goods or Services. You acknowledge that we have no control over how the Vendor operates its business.

          8. Where you are entitled to a refund payment under this Refunds Policy, we will make the payment to you within 15 days from the date we receive your refund claim notification via email, by crediting the debit or credit card with which the payment was made or the bank account from which the payment was made, unless another method for repayment is agreed.If you used a credit card, you must not have requested a charge-back from your credit card company in respect of your payment for the relevant Voucher.

            9. All information provided to us by you in connection with a refund claim notification must be truthful and accurate.

              10. You must provide a physical or postal address located in in Australia, in connection with a refund claim, unless we waive this requirement.