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1. How Does It Work?

We have handpicked the finest services in your area to ensure they are of Love a Break’s luxurious quality and standards.

These services are listed on our website, for you to browse, and select a unique gift voucher for your beautiful mum or family member who deserves this break.

We then create the online vouchers in Love a Break’s personalised format to be sent to you via email, for you to gift your loved one. They then contact the service provider, mentions Love a Break and can book in their service for when they wish.

Our service providers come to their home to fulfil the services on the voucher or deliver the gifts to their home, leaving our clients feeling so special and appreciated!

Love a Break gift vouchers are the answer when looking for a unique and practical gift idea!


2. How Do I Buy A Voucher?

To buy a voucher at Love a Break, please follow the below steps

1.Click through to our website

2. Find a Gift option either through our ‘Category’ section or through our ‘Products’ section

3.Click on the Product you would like

4. Confirm your gift package selection from the drop down menu

5. Click on ADD TO CART

6. If you wish to purchase several gifts click on 'CONTINUE SHOPPING’'. You can return to your shopping cart at any point by clicking on the cart icon at the top right of the screen.

7.If you would like the voucher personalized, enter your message details in the cart and click on UPDATE CART

8.When you have completed your choices, click on CHECKOUT

9.Log in to your account, or enter in your details

10.Click on CONTINUE TO PAYMENT.. Payments can be processed securely via credit card. We accept Visa Mastercard and Amex

11.From here all you need to do is click on COMPLETE ORDER, and an order confirmation will be emailed to you

12. Your e-voucher will arrive in your inbox within 24-48 hours

14. You can either print the voucher to give to your recipient or email it to them


3. How Do I Use a Voucher?

Each voucher will have the contact details of the supplier of the service or product offered on the voucher.

The recipient of the voucher can contact the supplier via phone or email to book in the service/product delivery with the supplier directly.


4. I want to book services for my own use, can I do this?

Yes, absolutely!

As per the same process if you are going to give the voucher or use it for yourself, our services are listed on our website, for you to browse and purchase

You will then receive the confirmation purchase and voucher. You can then contact the service provider, mention Love a Break and book in your services.


5. I want further information about the service on my voucher

I have not purchased a voucher but I want to know more about a service or product

  • Love A Break acts as the agent in the sale of vouchers for various service providers. We do not provide our service provider's direct details until after the voucher has been purchased.
    If you require further information about a service or product before purchasing a voucher we will be happy to call the service provider on your behalf and obtain all your answers for you.

Contacting a Service Provider and Already Have a Voucher?

  • When you have purchased a voucher, you will be given the contact details of your service provider on the voucher. The voucher recipient can, at their own convenience, call or email the supplier directly to book the service or product delivery. Should you have any concerns before this time, or the voucher recipient cannot get in touch with the service provider, please


6. What if my voucher has expired?

Vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase. Once a voucher has expired, Love a Break is under no obligation to offer an extension; however we can assess extension requests on a case-by-case basis.
If you wish to request an extension on your voucher, please submit your request via email to We will review your extension request and authorize it with the supplier accordingly and reply back to you within 5 working days.
Please note that vouchers over 6 months past the expiry date, or, previously extended will not be entitled to any further extension.


7. Can I get a refund or exchange?

To give you the utmost confidence in the Love a Break buying experience, we follow the following policy (Refunds & Exchanges Policy), which applies subject to any applicable laws that require a different outcome:

  1. In this Refunds & Exchanges Policy, if you have purchased a Voucher from us, and have contacted the Vendor to arrange supply of the relevant Goods and Services from the Vendor (which the Vendor will notify to us), you will be described as having “made a booking”.
  2. On your request made within 30 days of the date of purchase of the Voucher, and before the expiry of the Voucher, we will refund to you the price you have paid for a Voucher where you have not yet made a booking and any of the following circumstances apply:
  3. You were unable to make a booking because the Vendor ceased doing business, went bankrupt or into liquidation, of any similar reason.
    • There was a non-trivial mismatch between the description of the Goods and Services as stated on the Website and the Goods and Services actually being supplied by the Vendor, and you do not wish to receive a different Voucher in exchange.
    • Where you change your mind after buying a Voucher but before making a booking, we will offer you an exchange for a different Voucher of equivalent or higher value. If you choose another Voucher of higher value, you will pay the difference in price.

4.Requests for refunds or exchanges should be made by you by sending us an email to with the word “URGENT” in the header.

    5. If, after purchasing a Voucher from us you make a booking with the relevant Vendor, you are requested to first negotiate with the Vendor for a refund or exchange before contacting us, but in any event our refund and exchange obligations will be limited as follows:

        • If the relevant Goods and Services were unsatisfactory because of poor quality, or because there was a mismatch between the Goods and Services and the description on our Website, we can provide you with another Voucher of equivalent value for equivalent goods or services.
        • We can contact the Vendor on your behalf to request a refund by the Vendor or the supply of different goods or services of equivalent value.

      6. You agree that the limitation on liability is reasonable because we are the agent of the Vendor only for the advertisement and sale of the Voucher, and not for the supply of the underlying Goods or Services. You acknowledge that we have no control over how the Vendor operates its business.

        7. Where you are entitled to a refund payment under this Refunds Policy, we will make the payment to you within 15 days from the date we receive your refund claim notification via email, by crediting the debit or credit card with which the payment was made or the bank account from which the payment was made, unless another method for repayment is agreed. If you used a credit card, you must not have requested a charge-back from your credit card company in respect of your payment for the relevant Voucher.

          8. All information provided to us by you in connection with a refund claim notification must be truthful and accurate.

            9. You must provide a physical or postal address located in in Australia, in connection with a refund claim, unless we waive this requirement


              8. I have lost my voucher, what I can do?

              The best way to protect yourself in case you lose your Love a Break gift voucher is to register an account with Love A Break. By registering an account with Love a Break means that you view your order history and request a replacement voucher to be issued by emailing The voucher must be still valid, and not been exchanged or used

              If you have not registered an account with Love a Break, then a replacement voucher will be emailed to you, if it's lost or stolen and the following conditions are satisfied:

              1. The gift voucher is still valid and has not been exchanged or used
              2. Proof of purchase e.g. a receipt, order number, purchaser's full name and email address.
              3. Love a Break is able to correctly verify you as the original recipient

                Please note it is the voucher recipient's responsibility to obtain and provide Love a Break with all required verification details. Failure to do so will mean no replacement voucher can be issued.


                9. I have bought my voucher but I cannot get in touch with the supplier?

                Please contact us at Love a Break via email and we will endeavor to sort this out for you.


                10. Does Love a Break accept any other currencies?

                We do not accept any other currencies at this stage. All prices are charged in Australian Dollars.


                11. Payment Methods

                Payment is made via credit card. Currently we accept the following: Visa, MasterCard and Amex.


                12. Delivery Options of Vouchers

                We offer the delivery method of an E-Voucher to be emailed to the purchaser


                13. Managing Your Account

                Once you have a Love a Break account, you can log in at any time to check your order history and update your details.

                Viewing your vouchers online/resending

                Valid and unused gift vouchers can be redelivered anytime as an e-voucher without incurring a charge. Simply email


                  14. Contact Us

                  For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Love a Break.

                  Our customer support email address is

                  Do you have a great service or product that you think our customers would love? Interested in becoming a supplier for Love a Break? Please email your business details and contact information to and we will be in touch soon!