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Gift ideas to help your loved ones at home...

We at Love a Break, know that life can get busy and overwhelming at times.
We know its impossible to clean the house when your newborn won’t leave your arms, that it's impossible to walk Toto whilst bubs sleeping, and how much a delicious coffee is appreciated after burning the midnight oil.

Love a Break provides these services for you to gift to a loved one. We know they will love you for it and that they will "Love a Break".

Shop at Love a Break for a range of luxurious services and products, all available in a beautifully presented gift voucher, and all available to come to the home.

Love a Break gift vouchers are the perfect gift for everyone in Perth.


As close friends and confidantes, Kim and Katrina launched Love a Break with every sister, mother, wife, daughter and friend in mind.

Seeing so many friends and family struggle with balancing a full and busy lifestyle, we decided it was time to bring help to the home, in the form of a luxury gifting concept.

With both having worked in the beauty, fashion, health, & luxury goods industries, as well as a combined passion for good food, great coffee and a hearty laugh, we wanted to be able to offer the 'gift of a break' as a gift voucher to our loved ones and beyond!


Our service providers care about our customers. We have a close relationship with each and every provider and ensure they are of Love a Break's luxurious quality and standards.

We only select businesses who have the passion to provide the best customer service and can meet our expectations to ensure our customers' experience is professional and caring.

We have done all the hard work for you to find our amazing and trusted providers, so you can be confident that you or your loved one will have a wonderful break on us.