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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy


The ultimate break at home - let your loved one enjoy a relaxing massage session all in the comfort of their own home. A thoughtful gift idea for a loved one in need of a break.

Service Package 1 : Relaxation Massage x 2 $250.00

Ideal for those feeling stressed or tired.  Rejuvenate with two nurturing 1 hour massages, tailored just for you using deliciously scented aroma-oils to help calm your mind and float your body away.  

Service Package 2 : Pregnancy Massage Treatment $180.00

Ease the aches and pains of pregnancy with professional massage designed just for Mums-to-be.  A 1.5 hour pregnancy massage at home.

Service Package 3 : Reflexology Rejuvenation $125.00

Feel amazing, pamper the feet and treat the whole body in the process.

Ideal for those wanting to switch their mind off, busy or hectic people, nurturing the tired exhausted body. - 1 Hour.


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