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Newborn and Sleep Guidance

Newborn and Sleep Guidance


Gift new parents the elusive opportunity for sleep. Providing specialised assistance to help get our little one's sleep back on track, or to give new parents a rest to rejuvenate and recuperate. 

1 : Postnatal Newborn Care $445.00

Postnatal care is care for a newborn or infant baby under 5 months old.  The qualified staff will provide full in-home education and care for parent and baby overnight or during the day.  Package is from 10pm-6am, additional hours available. 

2 : Night Nanny $300.00

Night Nannies provide in home overnight care for children from 5 months – 12 years of age by professional, experienced and background checked Nanny educators. 

3 : Overnight Sleep Guidance $1100.00

Using a gentle attachment philosophy, Night Nannies Sleep Consultants comes to the home for two evenings, to work with Parent and Child overnight focusing on getting sleep back on track. Available for children from 5 months to 5 years of age. 


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