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Gifts, Help and Tradition

It was another day at the office as Executive Assistant, my job was to arrange the gifts….. “Can you please find something fabulous for Nellie for her Maternity Leave Present. I mean useful and thoughtful, NOT a cake made of nappies”.
The number of times I had been in this situation, and every time I never found the perfect gift.   Baby rugs, clothes, nipple cream, cute little booties. All of these are beautiful and extremely useful, but they don’t scream “Help me, I'm having a baby, and 'I' need help and something for me!".
In this day and age, it seems, if we need something, we buy it.  If we want something, we buy it.  ‘Things’ are almost disposable now.  We all want new things, we want things that make us feel good….so we buy it.
What we don’t do, is call for help any more. 
There is a tiny village in the Alpurrajan Mountains in Spain with 100 habitants. While the men herd their goats, the women wash their clothes in the communal laundry made of concrete and then sip their café in the warm, dry sun, while the children play together in the village park. This is now in 2016 mind you, and they have been doing this for 100’s of years.
They have a strong community in this village, where the women help each other.  They provide care for each other, mind each other’s little ones, cook for each other, and take the Burro (Donkey) for a walk if Madre doesn’t have the energy.
We all have friends and family we can call upon occasionally, but don’t you feel this tradition is lost in Australia’s capital cities?  We all have our own lives going on, everyone is so busy, that we need help at home.  We want to outsource these chores….but to whom, and how do we find the best service provider near us, that will come to MY home?  How can we bring back this beautiful traditional of help at home, and give this to someone we love?
Kim was experiencing this scenario in Perth.  Like many of her friends, they were fairly new to Perth, husband work’s for a Resources Company, family and friends are interstate and they are alone, with no help and no body to call.  Kim wishes she was living in the Alpujarran Village with the community and help while she juggled a new born, working a corporate job in fashion, trying to stay fit and healthy, cleaning the house and looking after hubby when he returned home from a 12 hour day at work.
We wanted to help Kim from afar, and Kim wanted to help other men and women in the same situation. Everyone loves to give gifts, and everyone is busy, so we decided to re-establish that community ‘support at home’ and create a concept where the finest services and products are selected and made available at your home, in a beautifully presented Gift Voucher, all available online by the click of a button.
Kim and I have developed a beautiful and simple website, and have hand selected and tested a fabulous range of products and services to the Perth Metro Area including Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans, Massage and Beauty at Home, Dog Walking and Personal Training to name a few.
Our provider options and regions will grow and grow and soon Love a Break will be available in all capital cities in Australia.
We are thrilled to be able to provide your loved ones a helping hand by gifting a Love a Break Gift Voucher, the perfect gift bringing the tradition of community back to our busy and modern world. 
So, the next time I am asked to buy someone a thoughtful and beautiful gift, I know what I’ll be buying and we hope you will too.

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