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Christmas Gift Shopping

It’s that time of year again....the mirage of a few days of festive fun and relaxation seems so distant, when in front of you lies a long list of presents to buy,  evenings are busy with end of term concerts, and packed shopping centre carparks during 37 degree weather brings its own level of dread. In comes my excuse for some valuable alone time – with my IPad of course! Although it may be sad that a great Saturday night for me now involves online shopping– the idea of a quiet house (after Master 2 is finally asleep), a crisp...

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Kim's Welcome

                                                            For me, the transformation to become ‘mum’ was not an easy one….   The week before bubs came along- I was prepping the nursery with vigour, finalising all household admin and filling the fridge with healthy meal options – doing everything to prepare for having all the time on my hands, once we brought our baby home.   Everything was fine at the hospital until the day was nearing that we...

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Gifts, Help and Tradition

It was another day at the office as Executive Assistant, my job was to arrange the gifts….. “Can you please find something fabulous for Nellie for her Maternity Leave Present. I mean useful and thoughtful, NOT a cake made of nappies”. The number of times I had been in this situation, and every time I never found the perfect gift.   Baby rugs, clothes, nipple cream, cute little booties. All of these are beautiful and extremely useful, but they don’t scream “Help me, I'm having a baby, and 'I' need help and something for me!". In this day and age, it seems,...

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